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UK-based telco Vodafone and Chinese gear maker Huawei have completed a 5G mmWave field trial for the Vodafone Emerald House in Newbury, UK.

This is the world's first 5G outdoor field test on E-Band, reaching 20Gbps peak rate, for a single user device with high spectrum efficiency, the telecom equipment company in a statement said Thursday.

20Gbps is the peak user rate which has been targeted by ITU-R for 5G requirement.

The development, according to the two companies, is a key milestone as both entered into a strategic alliance on 5G technologies last year and 5G acceleration ​Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) this July.

The demand for spectrum to provide higher-capacity mobile access and self-backhaul has been rising drastically due to soaring mobile broadband communications traffic. The situation is even more critical when operators are faced with the challenge to deliver ultra-high throughout in emerging 5G network.

As traditional lower bands used in current cellular access becomes ever more crowded, there is an increasing effort in the industry to explore the centimeter wave (cmWave) and millimeter wave (mmWave) bands to meet broadband speed requirements, Huawei said.

E-Band is millimeter wave (mmWave) band and can be used as a complementary spectrum band to the lower-band to deliver ultra-high mobile broadband user experience.

This test, according to teh Chinese company will contribute to the study of spectrum above 6GHz for 5G enhanced mobile broadband and to promote global spectrum harmonization in the coming World Radio Congress in 2019 (WRC-19).

"This field test in an outdoor environment is a significant step in validating the performance of 5G in high-frequency bands, improving our understanding of the capabilities of the technology," Johan Wibergh, Chief Technology Officer, Vodafone Group said.

"The joint trial of 5G mmWave connectivity in a real world radio propagation environment and co-existence of different radio links is encouraging, Rotating CEO of Huawei Eric Xu said.

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